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- It an energy transfer with the Federal Government gave?
- D
escended the FC pc. Pauli already again?
- Is larger a new tischtennisball than older?
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- Moritz Fiege
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River without wire and cable

Soon river is to be able to be transferred also without cables, promises a considerable US chip manufacturer. Which Intel reports as sensation, realized nobelvolt for five years. more...


Bikini full of energy

In Japan has nobelvolt a Bikini in the sense of lasting development presented: Ökostoff, inserted solar cells and an integrated beverage donor are to make the sun bath the pollution free pleasure. more...



dampfmamá in running

nobelvolt is to take part in the Grand Prix d'Eurovision. That decided in a special meeting on 27 May the supervisory board. Into running at the renowned music price the experimental Punkprojekt "dampfmamá" is presumably sent. The Clou for superclean sound: River for instruments and amplifiers comes from own production.RealAudio


Night-Speedminton at high seaside

To the olympic plays in Peking nobelvolt a new demonstration kind of sport to present: Hochsee Night-Speedminton. The members of the board Dr. Bubi Kasslack und Guti Dornfeldt have this with a meeting in Wangen/Allgäu beschlossen: "A more consistent continuation of our high seaside resort min clay/tone project is not conceivablent present. more...



Still more alcohol from river

The test department of nobelvolt continues to remove its alcohol production from river. At present a procedure is continued to develop, with which of noble energy beer can be made. The geschmacksrichtung resembles the Pils of the Mohren brewery in the oestereichischen Bregenz in astonishing way. There member of the board Dr. Bubi Kasslack will hold first conversations for a co-operation. more...


Praha wumbaba

The nobelvolt executive committee from a three-day-long journey is back turned successfully to Prague. In order to get the energy problems of the Czech capital into the grasp, the members of the board Dr. Bubi Kasslack and Guti Dornfeldt had met with the Prager senator for economics and tourism. more...



Interlaced thinking and acting with information stream

The development of the information stream I is regarded of nobelvolt as large challenge and responsibility. The mechanical process and the electronic system were conceived therefore from the outset as spatial and functionally integrated overall system. "this requires interlaced thinking and acting", says nobelvolt Technikchef Eduard Zoch. more...


Stromklau: From must be really
"Everywhere the Stromklau lauert", reported today the Federal Office for Environment Protection (UBA). Ever more electrical appliances would have no more power switch? Idle losses drove electricity bill up. "that must not be", explained today the nobelvolt members of the board Dr. Bubi Kasslack and Guti Dornfeldt.. more...

More expensive: The price of the quality
More is less:
not always, but...


Sponsoring: Royal cone brothers
nobelvolt goes a courageous step toward Sportsponsoring. The noble suppl. IE enterprise intends to take over an operating sponsorship for the new cone haven department with material Madrid. more...

Tour de France: Ede Zoch commentates also 2004
Executive committee forwards:
Guti Dornfeldt storms with Beachfootball Cup for HNA


Atomic planed sales: only good greens prevent
In the discussion around the sales of the Hanauer plutonium factory at China agreement prevails with the SPD leader of the parliamentary group Franz Muentefering and nobelvolt. "if a German enterprise a part of its property abroad to sell wants to have, must one the good Greens to prevent it". more...

"Clear Drops": The nuclear power plant Stade was switched off
River-Carepackets for more energy


nobelvoltprice: for literature to Irvine Welsh
Irvine Welsh receives the Nobelvoltprice of this year for literature. World-wide became the Scottish writer admits "Trainspotting" by the successful filming of his novel. more...

"Departure 2003": The picture to the financial year
New music: Attendance with the Turkish uncle


Zitteraal: Fish of the yearly
nobelvolt loaded therefore to a week END symposium over electrical fish. Of them "spannendsten" Dr. Rainer Sabatowski of the health center for Anaesthesiologie and operational intensive medicine of the University of Cologne presented representatives and the often strange history of the electrical pain therapy. more...

Current season 04/05: First time electrical clothes
Clean time:
With solar power on sand built


Factory trip 2004: Far away as had
Factory shut-down of this year leads nobelvolt to the Southern French Atlantic coast, the German North Sea island Amrum and crosswise by the Baltic Sea. "A welcome opportunity to experience once the marvelously extensive beach of Biscarrosse of troubles with its impressing waves locally". more...

Mobile energy: The electrical Frenchman
White men: nobelvolt factory trip 2003 to Brilon

Visions of the nobelvolt fusion reactor - here: 'Blackbird singing'

> Arena live
Here you can pursue the change of the Jahnstadions to the nobelvolt arena in real time. Click in the picture leads you to our Webcams.


> Goettingen better than Hamburg:
Sarah Lena the Mare over culinary refinement

> Eats the yearly:
Not to strike Tunfisch Baguette

> River is sweet:
nobelvolt presents the smell of the energy

> Our woman in Hamburg:
Sarah Lena di Mare becomes correspondence member of the executive committee

> No executive committee change:
press reports over changes of personnel disclaim

> Berateraffaere:
Contact to thorn hare broken off - negotiations with transformer station endangers

> Handy generator:
nobelvolt ventilated production secret

> Sarah Bernard:
nobelvolt agency sketches de sporte a Baguetteria



Lost in France - How to fade away with a smooth attitude

German version
> 50 years go
> get an abo


> "Night Moon"
"On this light I had to wait two years" - nobelvolt coworker Max Lomper becomes also 2004 "worst photographer of the world".

 nobelvolt dialogue

> Panel discussion:
"does a Pils need how many minutes?" - nobelvolt members of the board Dr. Bubi Kasslack and Guti Dornfeldt invited to prominent round of talks

> Panel discussion:
"Where have all the flowers gone?" - nobelvolt member of the board Dr. Kasslack to guest with a meeting of the medium agency more dienetzer

> Panel discussion:
"Is the glass half fully or half empty?" - nobelvolt member of the board participates in prominent round


> local date:
The Netzer and more dienetzer become partners

> dienetzer-News:
365.000 press releases also for nobelvolt

> correct direction:
dienetzer go to the stock exchange

> restart:
dienetzer are online